Community Commitment for Groundwater

Community Commitment for Groundwater

Groundwater in the Pajaro Valley is being used at a rate which has led to our basin being in a state of overdraft. Climate change, including drought, only exacerbates the problem. Together we can become the first high-priority basin in California to assure a dependable supply of groundwater to residents and agriculture. As a community, we are making a commitment to protect the Pajaro Valley as an important agricultural resource, enhance our local economy and conserve our natural resources.  A Basin Management Plan was developed by the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency and meeting the objectives defined in the Plan is a critical step towards achieving our groundwater goals by the year 2025. Broad-based community representation and involvement will need to continue in order to achieve the goal of conserving 5000 acre feet, as outlined in the Plan, and to ensure that we are pursuing diverse strategies to bring our aquifer into balance. We recognize that reaching our goals will take shared sacrifice and a shared commitment.

Join the Community Water Dialogue in our Community Commitment for Groundwater

What the Pajaro Valley Community Commitment for Groundwater Means:

I/my business/my farm/my interest group:

•    recognize that water conservation will help our community remain viable.
•    will create specific water conservation goals and take action to meet those goals.
•    will participate in the Community Water Dialogue by sharing these conservation goals, water conservation strategies and success stories.
•    will engage others to join the Community Commitment for Groundwater.

Together, we will bring our aquifer into balance.

To sign on to the Community Commitment for Groundwater contact
or call 831-464-2950.


What Can You Do?

You can get involved in the CWD by signing on to the “Community Commitment for Groundwater,” participating in CWD general meetings, sharing your success stories of what’s working for water conservation, or joining an action team.

Sign on to the Community Commitment for Groundwater

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Learn more about water in the Pajaro Valley and the Basin Management Plan here:

Learn more about what you can do to conserve water on your ranch or at your home here:

Action Teams

Want to be a part of bringing dialogue to action? Get involved in an Action Team! Contact an Action Team chair to learn more:

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